Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure that improves the function and health of your vagina. This rejuvenating surgery gives you more control over the muscles in your vagina to improve sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner.

In addition to improving your vaginal muscles, vaginal rejuvenation may also include reshaping or trimming of your external genitalia to improve appearance.

Who is a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation?

Women who have vaginal laxity are good candidates for vaginal rejuvenation. In some women, childbirth causes the muscles of the vagina to stretch and separate, leading to a loss of tone and control. Sometimes, the looseness is so great they can’t hold in a tampon.

Vaginal rejuvenation is also used to repair genetic vaginal deformations, such as a fused labia.

What happens during vaginal rejuvenation?

For comfort, vaginal rejuvenation is performed under anesthesia and may take about two hours to complete.

Each vaginal rejuvenation is different. During surgery, your gynecologic specialist at Pure OBGYN may pull your pelvic floor muscles tighter together, trim away excess skin or scar tissue, or both. If your outer genitalia protrudes, this may be trimmed and reshaped as well.

The goal of surgery is to restructure your vagina to make it tighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

How long is recovery from vaginal rejuvenation?

It may take up to three months for you to fully recover from vaginal rejuvenation. During the first few days after the procedure, you may experience pain, swelling, and bruising. But, these symptoms should subside relatively quickly.

The team at Pure OBGYN provides specific instructions on what you’re allowed and not allowed to do during the recovery phase of your surgery. This includes not having intercourse or using a tampon for up to eight weeks. You may also need to limit your physical activity, including exercise, during the healing process.

To improve muscle control and strength, the team at Pure OBGYN may also recommend you do kegel exercises as you recover.

What is hymenoplasty?

A hymenoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that restores the hymen, which is the membrane that partly covers the opening of the vagina. The loss of your hymen often signifies the loss of your virginity.

You may want to restore your hymen to regain control over your sexuality or for cultural reasons prior to a marriage. A hymenoplasty may also repair a hymen torn from injury.

For vaginal rejuvenation and restoration, call the office or book an appointment online.